4 Features to Look for When Buying a Professional Chef’s Knife

The most important kitchen tool is the chef’s knife. Choosing a good one can make or break your cooking experience. There are many features to look for when shopping for a professional chef’s knife, and here are four of them!


The knife should feel heavy enough so that it does not slip out of your hand while you’re cutting, but still light enough that you can maneuver the blade without fatigue. If a chef’s knife feels too heavy or flimsy in your hands, then try holding some other knives in the store to see what feels best.


When you hold the knife in your hand, it should feel balanced. The weight of the blade should be similar to that of the handle so that when you are cutting with one hand on top and another underneath, neither side feels heavier or off-center than the other.


A professional-grade knife should be sharp enough that you don’t need to apply too much pressure when cutting through foods.

It’s best to test out the sharpness before you buy. If it’s not sharp enough for your preference then ask a sales associate at the store to show you how to sharpen the blade.

Handle Material and Grip

A chef’s knife with a comfortable grip will stay in your hand when you’re cutting. If the handle is slippery or too bulky, then it may be difficult to maintain a tight grip, which will limit your cutting ability.

The material of the handle is equally important. Some materials may not feel comfortable in your hands, and others may be too heavy for you to control the knife effectively.

The best material is a durable plastic that does not absorb moisture and feels comfortable to hold.

Now that we’ve covered three features to look for when buying chef’s knives, keep this information in mind so you can find the perfect tool for any cooking job!